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our vision.

All inclusive dive wedding
10 day entertainment package
reception included


10 days of events that will truly knock your wet suits off and bring you closer to aquatic
nature, the Bahamian culture, and Bahamian history!


The opportunity to combine the allure of a naturally romantic environment in this universe’s premier paradise destination, with the adventure and unique experience of an underwater wedding in the most translucent sea and idyllic setting you will find, can only happen to a few select individuals in a lifetime. These are of what dreams are made: To be a part of history in the making as you join a romantic band of couples to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest number of weddings held underwater simultaneously. The exhilaration and memories start above ground and continue as you are transported to a whole new world underwater for a wedding of a lifetime. Be one of those select individuals.


The reasons for this Guinness Book record-breaking event are multiple: To make a special day for each couple an even more memorable occasion as their vows take on historic significance in a surreal setting. This setting also takes on even more importance as the event draws attention, in a romantic and inspirational way, to the preservation of the natural underwater ecosystem and resources, the pride of The Bahamas and many other island nations.


So just how does a mega wedding event under the sea in The Bahamas achieve the goal of protecting this vital natural resource? The answer is simple. It raises awareness of this planet’s natural environment and the beauty contained therein as represented through the crystal clear waters of The Bahamas as television cameras project this stellar event to a global audience as you celebrate your commitment to love and exchange your wedding vows. You will truly show the world that you are In Deep Love with each other and your environment. 


about us.

In Deep Love (Bahamas) Ltd., the organizer of the event, was established to bring the vision to fruition. The brainchild of Al Collie Jr., the organization has formed strategic partnerships with key players in the tourism, bridal, and scuba diving sectors in order to produce one of the most spectacular wedding experiences for the participating couples, their family and guests.

Our initial Partners include the following:

For inquiries regarding Partnership/Sponsorship and Advertisement opportunities, please contact us at

In deep love wedding bahamas

(T) 242-601-3633
(M) 242-424-2345 | 242-552-8540



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The World's Largest Ever Undersea Wedding!

June 15, 2017

A Virtually All-Inclusive Bahamian Wedding Package Starting From $10,100
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